24 Weeks And Gaining Momentum

24 Weeks And Gaining Momentum

Each passing week of Sharon’s pregnancy seems to fly by faster than the last. And the faster time passes by the faster Sharon’s belly seems to grow.

In fact, during a recent weekend away with Nick and Tarryn, Nick actually though he could see Sharon’s belly swelling with each passing day. Now although that’s not likely, it’s certainly starting to feel like it.

The scan itself was sadly a little bit of a let down (if watching your baby grow inside her mother could ever be considered a let down). Why? Well our little girl was lying in a rather awkward position with both her feet and her hands covering her face. This meant that we could see very little of her, although we did once again confirm it was a girl.

Baby girl Prior is progressing well and everything was measured and is the correct size for her age. So I guess it’s a case of no news is good news.

Hopefully next time we’ll get some better pictures, but for now here’s an unidentifiable blob…(and Sharon’s belly at 24 weeks).

24 Week Scan

Sharon’s Belly At 24 Weeks