Fireman Warren

Fireman Warren

Warren Prior Rescuing A Cat

As Sunday came to an end I showered and sunk into the couch, ready to relax. And just as I was complaining that my weekends needed some real excitement I got a phone call. It was my mom telling me that they neighbors cat was stuck up her tree. At first I thought she was joking as she explained to me how they’d called in the fire department and how they had tried to climb the tree (3 of them) before telling her it was too dangerous and that they weren’t willing to risk a man’s life. This left my mom no choice but to phone me and risk my life. Thanks mom…parenting 101 right there.

The tree that the cat was stuck up was similar to a palm in that it was tall, with a flimsy trunk and leaves only at the top. I couldn’t see the cat but headed up the ladder until I could see over my mom’s double story. Things were getting a bit dicey and the ladder didn’t feel all that stable. I climbed back down, adjusted the ladder to a more stable position, and headed back up. This time I made it to the top where the battle with the cat began. After a few snarls, a little teeth showing, and a few scratches I managed to grab it by the scruff of it neck. It then dug its claws into me and stuck to me like Velcro. Thankfully this actually made it easier for me to head back down the dodgy ladder, swaying in the wind, cat in hand.

When I made it to the bottom I noticed that Sharon’s face was dripping. Apparently the lady whose cat it was had grabbed her, kissed her and cried all over her. I was about ready to head back up the ladder to safety. Guess that’s the last time I’ll complain about boring weekends.

And stuff you firemen…please remove ladder climbing from your CVs.