Port Edward

Port Edward

Nick Nortje Testing His Columbia Jacket

After a few weekends at home Sharon and I were only too happy to accept an invite from Nick and Tarryn to head down to Port Edward for the weekend. The plan was to get in a little fishing and to generally relax and have a good time. But then I guess this is the general plan for all weekends.

Nick and Tarryn headed down at around 4pm while I had to wait for Sharon to come and pick me up. Sadly the weather was foul which resulted in several accidents. This meant Sharon only got to me just before 6pm having been on the road for well over an hour. When we finally got going it was pouring with rain, starting to get dark, and we ran into accident after accident (not to mention the road works). This meant a long hard drive and we were eventually forced to tell Nick and Tazz to braai without us. We grabbed a quick bite at Steers and generally battled the rain on our way down.

We eventually arrived at close to 9pm and quickly cracked open a semi cold beer. The evening was spent relaxing inside the chalet, watching tv, chatting and getting the relaxing bit of the weekend done. Nick and I also discovered that rum goes well with rashers…the new RnR.

The following morning the seas were big, hugely muddied and the rain was belting down. Nick and I took a walk to the beach to examine the conditions while the ladies prepared us a fantastic breakfast. When we’d checked the conditions we returned to discover the toaster was broken. This meant a race between Nick and I. Could I make toast in the over faster than he could find a toaster in another chalet? The jury is still out of this one.

Nick And Warren Braaiing In The Rain

After a great breakfast Nick and I kitted up and we headed down to the churning, dirty sea. We fished a few of the gullies as well as the beach but, in truth, we mostly walked the rocks in search of fishable water. Nick managed to drop one small fish but otherwise things were very quiet. Sharon, Mila and Tazz eventually walked down to the beach for a little fresh air and we quickly joined them on the sand. From there we headed back up to the chalet for a quick game of 30 Seconds which the boys of course dominated.

Prior to the rugby we had a late lunch at the local pizza joint which was fantastic! This was of course excluding one of the very drunk locals who decided to join us at our table and explain to us that drinking is fine as long as you go to church on Sunday. Nick and I then stopped off for a quick beer at Mothers before the rugby. The girls headed back to the chalet due to Mila and the smoke in the pub.

The plan was to walk back to the chalet before kick off but when the rain started to belt down we decided to watch the first half in the pub. The Sharks had a cracker of a game and were well in the lead by half time. We then moseyed back to the chalet where we watched the second half before lighting a fire in more pouring rain. Thankfully our Columbia jackets proved no match for the rain and we remained bone dry during the process.

The following morning the wind was howling and we decided to give fishing a miss. Sadly we were forced out by 10am and so we decided to stop off at the Waffle House of the Blue Lagoon for a late breakfast. The waffles were of course fantastic despite the less than ideal swamp smell from the lagoon. We then climbed into our separate cars and headed home to finish up the usual Sunday chores. Port Edward may not be my favourite destination but I can’t fault it on value for money. And its also a great place for the kids.