Running Off Those Take Aways

Running Off Those Take Aways

Running For Food
Running For Food

I seem to have developed a bad habit over the last few years whereby I justify that extra slice of pizza by putting in a few extra kilometers on the tar. It seems to be in the forefront of my mind after my annual January diet, aka the Warren Diet, which basically involves cutting out take-aways, cheese, pudding, and all alcohol except for whisky and water. This means that when February rolls around I tend to hunt down pizza with a little more guilt that usual. And hence the thinking of how many extra kilometers I need to run to justify it.

So for everyone else out there who puts in extra mileage for food, here’s a table of how many kilometers are required for that Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Distance To Run
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Burger) 2187 6.8km
Big Mac (Burger) 2076 6.5km
Medium Fries 1100 3.4km
Large Fries 1552 4.9km
Coke (350ml) 630 2km
Coke (520ml) 936 2.9km
Sausage McMuffin 1512 4.7km
Egg McMuffin 1890 5.9km
Hashbrown 840 2.6km
Margherita (Standard – Full Pizza) 2390 7.5km
Margherita (Standard – Slice) 398 1.2km
Margherita (Large – Full Pizza) 4928 15.4km
Margherita (Large – Slice) 616 1.9km
Hawaiian (Standard – Full Pizza) 2584 8.1km
Hawaiian (Standard – Slice) 431 1.3km
Hawaiian (Large – Full Pizza) 5333 16.7km
Hawaiian (Large – Slice) 667 2.1km
Zinger Burger 2159 6.7km
Zinger Burger Meal (With Coke) 4372 13.7km
Colonel Burger 2047 6.4km
Colonel Burger Meal (With Coke) 4260 13.3km
Boxmaster 3049 9.5km
Boxmaster Meal (With Coke) 5262 16.4km
Classic Twister 2656 8.3km
Classic Twister Meal (With Coke) 4868 15.2km
2 Piece Regular Meal (With Coke) 3602 11.3km
Streetwise 2 With Small Chips 2263 7.1km

* Kilojoules burned are for a 75kg man running 5:30/km (320kJ/km)