The First Baha Challenge

The First Baha Challenge

Baha Fly Fishing Casino Beach Challenge

Sunday morning saw the first small Baha Fly Fishing Challenge which was held at Casino Beach. We all met in the Suncoast parking lot in a light drizzle where we kitted up and tied on our favourite flies.

Once everyone was ready we headed down to the beach and the challenge began. Thankfully the surf was a lot cleaner than expected after the heavy rains and snowfalls in the Drakensberg.

The boys split into small groups and began fishing their way up and down the beach. Sadly only two fish came out that morning, a small wave garrick and a similarly small thornfish.

Fishing between seasons is always tough but we were hoping to at least pick up a small shad.

As such the challenge was declared a draw and we all sat down to a good breakfast at the local Wimpy. Jan kindly offered to pay. Did that perhaps mean he conceded defeat to the Baha Boys? None the less we took him up on the offer and were soon enjoying a great breakfast and planning the next, and hopefully more productive, challenge.