Finally, My Cast Comes Off

Finally, My Cast Comes Off

My Foot, After The Cast Came Off

82 days after snapping my Achilles, including 80 days of being stuck in a cast, and the doctor had finally decreed that my Achilles was on the mend and we could take off the cast. So before work Sharon drove me down to the hospital to see Dr Bremer (Luckily there was no waiting as I was his first appointment). It took all of 5 minutes with a miracle oscillating saw to remove the cast, leaving my Ethiopian looking, skin covered, limp foot hanging off the end of what was a once spectacular leg.

It felt somewhat strange being exposed to air, and I soon realised my first FAIL in that I hadn’t brought a shoe with for that leg. I limped out of the hospital, but within an hour had learnt to walk as well as I could with the cast on. The good news is that there was no pain at all, and that I had about 80% of the mobility of the good foot.

Anyway, we headed home and I spent 20 minutes scrubbing off months of sweat and old skin (yummy). Eventually, when my leg was raw, but still had too much skin, I stopped, and took my first shower in months. WOW! And then it was into my work clothes, and what is now a very loose fitting left shoe, and off to the office.

The recovery has begun…so who’s up for a game of squash?