Granchester Double Up

Granchester Double Up

Warren Looking Ali G Like With A Trout

Nick and I headed for the Berg on Sunday to get in a last fishing trip before we both headed to opposite ends of South Africa for the Easter holidays.

The venue was once again Granchester and the weather was once again ominous. That said things looked good when we arrived – there was a nice cloud cover, a good chill in the air, the water was cold and there was the slightest of ripples on the surface.

We fished our way towards the inlet each missing a fish on route. Nick then got into a nice Rainbow which he fought feverishly mocking me all the way. Then an amazing thing happened. While photographing the fish on his stripping net the fish jumped off his net and swam off. Almost instantly my line went taught. Mockingly I said, “Don’t worry, I’ve re-caught it for you”, never really believing it. Amazingly I had…and we were both on. Two flies in one fish’s mouth!? I bet that’ll never happen again.

After releasing the double hookup I put in another cast and was immediately into a fish. All in all a good morning.

At this point we headed back to the car for some food and that when the weather really turned. The wind picked up and the drizzle started. Two other fishermen also joined us for the tough late morning session.

I once again headed to the inlet where I picked up two more fish. Nick joined me a while later but was not as lucky. Eventually we were forced to leave so that Nick could make it back to Durban for a sushi evening. That said conditions were rather miserable so we were both happy to leave.

Finally, another good day’s fishing at Granchester, and another great weekend on top of that. Next weekend, Pilanesberg!