Warren and Sharon Prior At Moyo

Can you believe it?! Sharon and I have being going out for one year. WOW!! So to celebrate this momentous occasion we headed down to uShaka and had dinner at the famous Moyo.

When we arrived in Durban there was a howling wind blowing, but this didn’t stop us from having a drink in Moyo’s beach bar.

Moyo note #1: Drinks are f#$%ing expensive. For a Castle Lite and a single vodka and appletiser, it cost R50.

While we were enjoying our drinks looking over the beach the Moyo girls came and did some African drumming for us. Fantastic.

Then we headed upstairs to our table for dinner. The decor in the restaurant is fascinating, and well thought out. And the atmosphere is vibrant and alive.

Shortly after being seated a lady came round and painted our faces. She was followed shortly by another lady who washed out hands in a clay pot.

Moyo note #2: The staff are fantastic, as is the service. You are treated like a god.

We placed our orders with our waitress, and was then brought our table snack, which consisted of several different types of bread with various dips. Again…fantastic. While snacking on our bread and drinking our wine we were sung to by the Moyo girls.

Moyo note #3: The atmosphere is vibrant and alive (with the sound of music?).

Shortly after this our mains arrived. Sharon had ordered the fillet with a pepperdew and cream sauce, and I had opted for the Springbok medallions wrapped in chicken with a Sherry sauce. The food was brilliant and well presented, in a very African theme. My only complaint is that the Springbok was slightly dry, but the Sherry sauce made up for this. Sharon’s was just downright delicious.

Moyo note #4: The African themed food is scrum-didily-umcious…Mmm…

Throughout the evening the Moyo girls put on various shows involving singing and dancing, which were not overdone and were very entertaining.

After our mains Sharon enjoyed her desert, while I relaxed with my standard whiskey Dom Pedro. All in all it was a fantastic evening. The food isn’t cheap, but its not too bad. The drinks are just ridiculous. Having said that, its well worth the money spent. But we’ll have to save it for special occasions.

Moyo note 5: Its expensive, but its worth it. Save it for those special occasions.

All in all it was a fantastic evening. Happy one year!!