The Heritage Supper Theater

The Heritage Supper Theater

With a dinner theatre just 1km down the road you’d think I’d have gone their before…or preferably more often. However after two years of living at Plantations I’d never been, although I had been known to recommend it often. Anyway, finally Sharon took the initiative and booked a table for the two of us, and Wayne and Robyn.

We started the evening off with a couple of beers at the Keg and Trout, before heading over to the theatre for the dinner show. When we arrived we ordered a few drinks and sat down to the starters. Three of us had the Thai style chicken skewers which were good, but not fantastic. Sharon started with a tomato soup which was also good. This was followed by the mains, which for three of us was a fantastic lamb shank with roasted vegetables. Sharon again had to be different and went for a Thai style chicken breast served with couscous – also very good.

Then the show began. As the title, “Rock Legends”, suggests they played rock ballads for about two hours. It really was brilliant and I’d recommend it to anyone. Some of the numbers were from the likes of The Who, U2,Pink Floyd, Queen, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Brilliant! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.

There was a short intermission in which was had dessert. Robyn and I had cheese platters, Sharon had a creme brule on chocolate mouse, and Wayne had a chocolate volcano.

All in all it was a fantastic evening, at just over the cost of a movie if you include the price of popcorn and coke. I’ll definitely be going back.

The Heritage Theatre