Western And Karen’s Wedding

Western And Karen’s Wedding

The weekend started with another wedding, this time Western and Karen’s. Amazingly it was Karen who had caught the garter at our wedding, so perhaps there is something in these old wives tales.

With the ceremony being held in the Firgrove Chapel, Alverstone, at 11am, Sharon and I stopped off at the farmer’s market and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee in the misty conditions. We then continued on to the chapel where we met Western outside before taking our seats.

It was a beautiful service complete with a string quartet and a guitar solo by the minister. Karen of course looked stunning. This was followed by the cake cutting on the lawn and a few glasses of champagne before heading over to Bellevue Café for a lunch time reception.

We took the liberty of stopping at our house on route to grab Sharon a jacket for the colder than expected Spring Day. Amazingly when we arrived at Bellevue Karen and Western we right behind us. Perhaps they decided to skip the traditional photos? I’m not sure.

The lunch was fantastic as were the speeches by the MC, best man and of course the groom. All it all it was a great event and we finally headed home at around 4:30pm.

Back home I tied up a few yellowfish flies before heading to bed, excited for the next day’s exploration of new waters.