More Fishing (And Photography) In A Cast

More Fishing (And Photography) In A Cast

Photography In A Cast

I was up at 5am on Saturday and on my way to Mavela. This of course involved a stop off for some coffee on the way, but by 7am I was opening the gate (yes, I remembered the key this time). The journey had been an interesting one since I’ve clearly become a bit too dependant on my GPS, which Sharon had with her. 19kms down the 20km stretch to the dam I started feeling uneasy as I wasn’t recognising anything. This was probably since I last drove the road in the mist…Either way, I wasn’t recognising things and I felt like I’d gone a lot further than 20kms, so I turned around. FAIL! I was on the right road and ended up driving the stretch twice.

Anyway, once on the water all was forgotten. The wind was howling, but luckily it was coming from behind, so I turned up my collar and got busy. Western was arriving later and there was one other club member on the water in a tube. Just after 8am I landed what was to be the only fish of the day…sad, but at least I got one.

At around 10am Western arrived and we flogged the water until 3pm to no avail. Finally the wind got to us and we decided that nothing was happening and we might as well go and have a beer instead.

Our original plan was to hit the Hilton hotel, but just down the road in Dargle we found an amazing little pub/pizzeria. We grabbed a beer, sat outside, and enjoyed SA’s first success in three matches. By the time I left I was starving…all the people sitting around us were ordering foccacia breads, and since I was sitting at the only outside table, all of it was placed in front of me *drool*.

After the rugby we hit the road and were home just under an hour later. I had a quick bath and then Sharon and I headed out for dinner. We were hoping to give Tappas a try but it was closed, so we ended up at Olive and Oil in Hillcrest. I hadn’t heard good things about the place, but the type of food they served did appeal to me so we gave it a try. It was fantastic! Sharon had the sirloin served with feta and avo, while I had the Moroccan chicken served with goats cheese. I’ll say it again…WOW!