The ECR Big Walk

The ECR Big Walk

We arrived at uShaka 30 minutes prior to the start of our 20km event. Sadly after a little chaos we somehow ran out of time and somehow managed to miss the start (albeit by only 200 meters as we ran to catch up).

Other than that the walk was well organised and ran smoothly. The 20km event was far better than the 10km which we’d walked the previous year. This was due to a combination of faster walkers and fewer entrants which meant we could walk at a more human pace as opposed to a crowded stroll.

The walk took us 3 hours which I thought was good and contained two moments of excitement. The first was when we were walking down a side road taking up a full lane. With only one lane open to traffic a vehicle was travelling down the single lane counter flow. At this point another car decided to reverse out of their driveway and, not expecting a car coming from the wrong direction, reversed straight into it. The lady who’d reversed out of her driveway climbed out of her vehicle, asked the other driver if he was okay, and then jumped into her car and sped off. A high speed chase pursued to which we did not witness the end.

The other exciting moment was running into Sharon’s aunt, uncle and cousins who we walked with for a short while and caught up with.

After the walk we took a bus back to the start and spent a short while cooling off in the sea in front of uShaka. We then headed home via Kauai for a quick bite and spent the rest of the day enjoying our hard earned relaxation.