Western’s Canon 7D

Western’s Canon 7D

Photography Fun – Sharon Prior As An Angel

Photography Fun – Western King The Boozer

After many months of deliberation and saving Western finally got his new toy…a Canon 7D (bastard!). It turns out that this was just good enough to stop him from going paddling, and instead invite Sharon and I around for a braai and some photography fun.

We got to Western’s place at around 6 and proceeded to sort out his fly tackle (yes, we’re going fishing tomorrow) and have a braai. The braai consisted of about 75 woopsies, which we polished in about 3 minutes flat, and then the usual steak, wors, salad and garlic bread. This was however merely a formality as we were really there for the new camera.

So after we were done we got down to some serious playing. This turned into something rather humorous since we were taking long exposures with two cameras and only one tripod (apparently Sharon can hold a camera still for 30 seconds). What made it even more interesting was trying to drive the new camera in the dark. But at the end of it all we came out with some fun shots which included some painting with light.

Go us. Oh, and enjoy the pics.